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About Project Open Voice


Project Open Voice is a commitment to broaden the discovery of local content, including public, educational and government (PEG) programming. We seek to address the questions of diverse demand for local content in different communities and the variety of ways to deliver it. Comcast is working in six trial markets to find answers: Peterborough, NH; Medford, MA; Philadelphia, PA; Hialeah, FL; Houston, TX; and Fresno, CA.

Because of Comcast’s commitment to PEG in local communities, they became a focal point for the project. Working with those providers, along with community leaders, non-profits and independent producers, we developed online and OnDemand platforms for all partners to use freely. We will continue to learn & adapt, and encourage you to explore Project Open Voice regularly.

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Our Mission & More...

    • Mission

      Understand our dedication to supporting local voices, including public, educational and government programmers.

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    • Local Content

      Hear how POV enjoys close partnerships in our pilot markets with a diverse set of local leaders, groups, and content providers.

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    • Learning

      Learn how we will provide our partners with deep data about the consumption of local content across web, social, mobile and OnDemand outlets.

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    • The FCC Commitment

      We made a commitment to test new ways to distribute PEG content and connect communities.

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    • Choosing the Pilot Markets

      The method behind selecting the six markets that became our pilot communities and partners.

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    • Complementing PEG Content

      Providing dynamic, complementary outlets for Public, Educational & Governmental media online, OnDemand and on-the-go (mobile).

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    • POV On Demand

      Learn about the digital Comcast cable support for POV content through the OnDemand platform.

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    • Local Market Independence within POV

      Each of our trial markets are represented by unique brands and features that were created by the community to support the community.

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    • Designing the Websites

      The unique personalities and interests of our pilot communities are reflected in the designs of each website.

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